SCAGPO Reading Chain Toolkit

Thank you for volunteering to link SCAGPO's Reading Chain in your local area.  Below are a few steps you may choose to use to make the process easier:

Step 1:  Secure a school for your site and send information to the Information & Publicity Committee for inclusion on the website.

Step 2:  Identify a point of contact at the school in which to work closely in planning

Step 3: Secure Volunteer Guest Readers

Step 4: Identify classes at school to participate and make schedule for readers.  Work out logistics regarding books and how guests will be directed to the appropriate classrooms, library, etc.

Step 5: Notify local community and media of the day

Step 6: As you make final arrangements, identify additional "touches" which may contribute to the success of the day

Remember to take pictures of your volunteers, faculty and staff in action (but be careful about photographing students).

Send pictures to Information & Publicity for the website. Don't forget to thank your readers and the school officials.

Please direct your inquiries or requests for assistance to Clarissa Belton (link to her e-mail [email protected] ) or Stacy Gregg (name linked to e-mail [email protected] ).  

Please find letters and announcements which may be modified to fit your program below:


Toolkit Documents

Reading Chain Press Release (pdf)
Reading Chain Request to Principals (pdf)
Reading Chain Schedule (pdf)
Reading Chain Volunteer Assignment (pdf)
Reading Chain Volunteer Invitation (pdf)