Scholarship Application, Professional Development

SCAGPO offers Professional Development and Certification scholarships to members in pursuit of higher education and certifications.  Professional Development Scholarship recipients are chosen by the Awards & Scholarship Committee. 

MAXIMUM SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT: Maximum scholarship award per person per year will not exceed $1,000.00.

AWARD REMITTANCE: The funds awarded will be paid directly to the organization or entity sponsoring the course or seminar or to the individual upon presentation of receipts for eligible expenses. The scholarship recipient must present information on course selection and appropriate signed paperwork to the Treasurer for payment or reimbursement. Scholarships must be invoiced no later than the following calendar year.

SCAGPO ELIGIBILITY: Scholarship recipient must be a member in good standing; and may not obtain more than one SCAGPO sponsored scholarship within a two year period.

ACCEPTABLE USE: This Scholarship may be used for Professional Development by the means of Seminars, NIGP Courses, Forums, or an accredited college or university course in the following subjects:

Management, Economics, Accounting, Personnel Management, Business Law, Public Administration, or
any course in which the major content is centered on Purchasing. The amount may go towards
registration fees, books and/or travel related expenses.

I affirm that the statements and information set herein are true and correct, and that any falsification or willful
misstatements or omissions intended to mislead the Certification Committee will forfeit my right to receive any award resulting from this application.