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Stacy Adams, CPPB - Nominating Chairperson and Immediate Past President

Welcome to the Election Edition of Buyways.  As SCAGPO's Nominating Chairperson, it has been the responsibility of the Committee to prepare a ballot for the Board and Membership of viable candidates for office next year.

As you can imagine, this can be somewhat of a challenge, but I am proud to share that we have a great list of enthusiastic, professional, and dedicated members to choose from. 

The election will be open from October 24th through November 8, 2018.  I ask that each and everyone of you take a moment to review the enclosed messages from the candidates and choose the ones that you believe will best serve the membership in their respective categories.

Finally, as we look to the future, I ask that you please consider committee participation.  This aspect of volunteerism is critical to the success of the Chapter and is your first steps in obtaining future leadership opportunities in SCAGPO.

Please take part in the process.  As always, the successful candidates will be announced during the Annual Forum.

NOTE:  You may use the VOTE BUTTON below to vote in our election or you may log on to your member account to access directly from the website. Remember, the ballot will not be open for voting until October 24th.





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Vice President




Mary Ellen Williams, CPPB

Candidate for President

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to be on this year's ballot for the office of President.

SCAGPO is an organization full of talented individuals with a wide range of experience.

As President, I will be looking to tap into these talents and experiences to find ways to keep our organization moving forward.

Serving as Vice President and Program committee chair has been rewarding and challenging.

I have been mentored by others to help me through my struggles, and I hope to mentor those that serve SCAGPO in the future.

Your confidence in allowing me to serve as your Vice President is greatly appreciated and humbling.

As I have become more aware of what it takes to make it all happen, I see opportunities for our members to make positive impacts on procurement across our state, in how SCAGPO moves forward, and as stewards of our own environment. I look forward to working with each of you. 

Please take the time to consider how you can best contribute your time and talents to SCAGPO, so that we can work together to make a positive impact.

Lastly, please remember to vote for your officers and board as they are here to serve you, the membership of SCAGPO.


Mary Ellen Williams, CPPB
















Tammy Isham Holman, CPPB

Candidate for Vice President

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow. -  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Greetings to my fellow SCAGPO members!  Over the years of being a part of this great organization, I’ve grown and learn many lessons; professionally and personally.  I’ve met so many of you from quarterly trainings to reverse vendor trade shows to our annual forums.  You’ve deposited your special gifts and talents into my pool of knowledge and understanding a purchasing professional. 

The decision has been made for me take a step forward out of the shadows.  I’ve enjoyed serving you in many capacities and committees: Professional Development, Information & Publicity, Forum Committee, Director-At-Large and finally your 2018 Buyer of the Year.

I am seeking the position of your 2019 SCAGPO Vice President and am taking this time to ask for your vote.  Thank you for your time and with your help, we can continue to excel in our craft!


Tammy Isham Holman, CPPB




Denise Badillo, CPPO, CPPB

Candidate for Treasurer

I began my Procurement career with the City of North Charleston in 1997 and at that time was introduced to SCAGPO. Over the years, I have grown in the SCAGPO organization as well as with the City. I started as a Purchasing Clerk with North Charleston and with hard work and dedication I am now the Director of Procurement. Over the last 21 years I have volunteered for many committees within the SCAGPO Organization, the past three being Treasurer. I believe in SCAGPO's mission and have enjoyed being your treasurer. If reelected, I will continue to develop, support, and promote our profession with the upmost integrity.  



Denise Badillo, CPPO, CPPB




Lawana Robinson-Lee, CPPO, CPPB

Candidate for Secretary

I am the Director of Purchasing for Rock Hill School District Three.   I am an active member of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and the South Carolina Association of Governmental Purchasing Officials (SCAGPO).

I have served you all previously as Secretary and would be honored to serve you all again!! My motto is: It’s not just about ideas; it’s about making things happen!


LaWana Robinson-Lee




Clarissa G. Clark, CPPO, CPPB

Candidate for Database Administrator

Colleagues, it is with great pleasure and pride that I’ve served the membership over the years in multiple capacities as a Board Member (President, VP,  and Immediate Past President) and Committee Chairperson (Professional Development, Forum, Finance). Now, I ask that you please reelect me as your Database Administrator for another two year term.   I’ve worked on almost every committee of our organization; and I am serious about my service to you and to our profession.  As your Database Administrator, I would continue to provide great stewardship of your member data and I will try my best to provide timely response to your data inquiries.  I will also continue to support the next two Presidents with their initiatives and goals while representing your interests on the Board at the best of my ability.

Thank you for trusting me to serve you in the past.  I ask that you please vote for me to continue as your Database Administrator for the next two years.


Clarissa Clark, CPPO, CPPB




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Director at Large



Janice Bradford, CPPB

Candidate for Director at Large

Hello, my name is Janice Bradford and I'm running for a second term as Director at Large.

I have spent my first term on the board listening to many voices and learning about the relationship of our organization. And I have grown a TON in this first term on the board. The first thing I learned is that time moves fast and progress is ongoing. I want to continue to help moving our organization forward. And I want to continue to listen to the voices in the organization and I also want to be a better voice for our organization.

I believe it is an important time to ensure that the vision for our organization involves continued growth, input of its members, education on best practices and good governance, support of the members and leaders, and goals that align with our mission and profession.

I have been a member of SCAGPO for almost 11 years. I have served as Director at Large 2017-2018, Certification Chair 2016. I have also served on the Forum Committee, Golf Committee and Bowling Committee.

I would be honored to have your vote as Director at Large and allow me the continued opportunity to work for you and the betterment of our organization and profession. 


Janice Bradford, CPPB




Jo Marie Brown, CPPO, CPPB

Candidate for Director at Large

My name is Jo Marie Brown and I am running for Director-at-Large.

The image I submitted is not a normal headshot I would typically use but this is me, smile and all, except you normally see me running around our events with a huge camera in my hand.

I work on the Agency Sourcing Team at SFAA-Division of Procurement Services. MMO for the old-timers.

I have been a member of SCAGPO since 2008 but didn’t become active until 2010 when an amazing man named Sam Hanvey befriended me at my first SCAGPO Annual Forum in Hilton Head, SC. I offered my photography service and 5 minutes later I was on the Historian Committee!! The rest is history.

I have served SCAGPO as Director at Large 2013-2014, Ex-Officio in 2015 & 2016, Region I Director 2016-2018, Chair of the Historian Committee since 2011, Chair of the Certification Committee in 2015, Co-Chair of the first Reverse Trade Show in 2015 and 2017, Chair of the Reverse Trade Show in 2016 & 2018, and a member of most committees in SCAGPO within the last 10 years.

I am a member of NIGP, worked on two Global Best Practices Committees for Specifications and Bids and have served on the Awards Committee since 2015. I also serve on a national sourcing team for Lidar and Radar through the National Association of State Procurement Officers (NASPO.)

When I’m not saving the world one procurement at a time, my personal life includes being married to an incredible man for 19 years, and the mother of a teenager who plays volleyball for school and travel club. I am also a professional fine art portrait photographer that loves to donate time to capturing images of children with brain cancer, newly adopted children, law enforcement and our military families.

I would be honored to serve you and our membership as Director-at-Large for the next two years.


Jo Marie Brown, CPPO, CPPB




Debbie Cannon, CPPO, CPPB

Candididate for Director at Large

I have enjoyed my time serving on the SCAGPO Board for the past two years as a Director at Large. I have also served on the Certification, Bowling, and Program Committees in the past. I would like to continue to represent the membership to the best of my ability for two more years as a Director at Large. I would also like to take this time to encourage everyone to get involved with SCAGPO so we can continue to grow and represent the membership as a whole. I want to help newer members of the association to feel welcome in joining the SCAGPO family.


Debbie Cannon, CPPO, CPPB  




Jessica Goff

Candidate for Director at Large

Hi my name is Jessica Goff and I am running for Director At Large for SCAGPO. I have been with SLED since 2012. Before then I was with the SCEIS helpdesk from 2006- to 2012. I have been on the SCAGPO Pro D committee, and Forum committee, I am currently enrolled at Midlands Technical College working on Associates in Marketing and Management. I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2019. I am married with two sweet girls, 6 dogs and 2 cats. We like to camp and go to the beach. I like to work with the community, and help improve moral in the workplace. At my time at SLED We have created a Christmas shirt that is designed by my office, a door decorating contest, Food Truck Friday and other various things when asked. As your Director at Large I can bring my skills of setting up events and getting information out to you. I will work hard to be the best director at large I can be. I enjoy my work and SCAGPO.


Jessica Goff






Jan Petersen, CPPO, CPPB

Candidate for Director at Large

Dear SCAGPO Colleagues,

I am excited to announce that I am running for a Director at Large position within our organization this year! I have consistently been involved in SCAGPO since becoming a member in 2000 and once again look forward to serving as a voting member of the Board! I have served in the positions of Secretary, Director at Large, Pro-D Co-Chair, and members of the following committees: Conference Committee, Pro-D and served as a mentor to other SCAGPO colleagues.

With my prior experience of serving on the Board and various committees, length of membership, coupled with my overall Procurement training and job experience, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be shared and ideas to be implemented within the organization and would be honored to serve in the position of Director at Large for the upcoming 2019 year!

Thank you for your vote and confidence in me and those you elect to your SCAGPO Board of Directors!


Jan Petersen, CPPO, CPPB, Director of Procurement

Lancaster County School District






Sheila Willis, CPPB

Candidate for Director at Large

Sheila Willis is a Procurement Manager II and Team Lead employed with the State Fiscal Accountability Authority-Division of Procurement Services. I have worked in both private and public procurement for 23 years. I began my public procurement career in August 2002 with the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Procurement Specialist I. I accepted a Procurement Specialist II position with the Department of Transportation in 2005 and was re-classed to a Procurement Manager I in 2006. In 2008, I went to work for the Department of Commerce as a Procurement Manager I. I returned to work at the Department of Transportation in 2011 as a Procurement Manager and was promoted to Contracts Manager in 2012. In December 2014 I accepted the Procurement Manager II position at the Budget and Control Board/MMO later renamed the State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA). In May 2016 I was promoted to Team Lead and in November 2017, began serving as the Procurement Manager II-Team Lead for the Education-HigherEd/Law Enforcement Agency Sourcing Team. I have the pleasure of working with, mentoring and coaching a wonderful group of Procurement Mangers at SFAA. I currently teach the 2-day MMO Contract Administration class.

I attained my CPPB designation in August 2004 and completed my Associate Public Manager (APM) designation in November 2017.

I have been a member of SCAGPO since 2002, the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) since 2005, the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) since 2014 and the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) since 2018.

I am an active member of the SCAGPO where I have served on numerous committees including: Membership, Certification, Professional Development, Forum, Program, Golf, Nominating, and Mentoring. I have had the pleasure of serving as the Certification chair in 2010, 2012, and 2017.

I’ve been married to my husband Ken for 22 years and have two beautiful daughters, 18-year-old Katelyn and 14-year-old Lauren. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and reading. I am a member of Sandy Run Lutheran Church where I serve as a church council member, Sunday School teacher and Special Events Committee Chair. I currently am serving a second year of an eight-year appointment on the Board for the Sandy Run Museum. I have served on the Calhoun County Recreation Commission since 2014.

My aspiration is to provide service to the membership and organization. If elected, I offer my experience, my time, my energy, my positivity and encouragement towards helping members shine professionally and continue to develop the value that procurement has to the great State of South Carolina.

I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming SCAGPO election as a Director-At-Large.


Sheila Willis, CPPB













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