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SCAGPO, a chapter of NIGP, is a non-profit association of persons actively engaged in governmental purchasing activities of any State, County, Municipal, Educational agency or Special Purpose Political Subdivision. SCAGPO member services include:

  • SCAGPO Weekly announcements including procurement updates, general certification news, training opportunities, membership news, and job openings in procurement.
  • "Online BuyWays", a newsletter published quarterly which reports on the activities of the Association through reports from the numerous committees, legislation affecting public purchasing, matters of technical interest, recent procurement news from the National and local chapter and many other topics related to the procurement profession.
  • Quarterly Training Seminars at low cost to attendees and an additional discount for members.
  • An annual Professional Development Forum and Vendor Trade Show scheduled in November of each year.  SCAGPO members receive a substantially discounted rate for registration fees.
  • Scholarships to assist members financially to reach professional development and certification goals.
  • Chapter member discounted rates for NIGP Education and Professional Development Programs developed to guide the public purchaser towards certification as either a Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO) or Certified Public Professional Buyer (CPPB).
  • As a chapter member of NIGP, access to a new electronic journal.  The NIGP Source is an electronic e-Zine which was launched in the 3rd quarter of 2005 replacing the Procurement Professional. It is released on a quarterly basis and will contain technical articles and manuscripts on contemporary procurement issues and other areas of interest to the procurement professional.

Participation in SCAGPO’s numerous training programs will sharpens professional skills in the often complex and rapidly changing world of public purchasing. Contact and dialogue with colleagues through networking with other SCAGPO members is extremely beneficial to the individual, as well as to the entity he or she serves.

The Membership Committee is interested in identifying and contacting Procurement professionals who are not current members of SCAGPO. SCAGPO members are requested to please share this information at any time. Likewise, Procurement professionals interested in becoming a member are encouraged to contact the Membership Committee by e-mail at [email protected] for more information on this great organization.

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