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Participation in SCAGPO’s numerous training programs will sharpen professional skills in the often complex and rapidly changing world of public purchasing. Contact and dialogue with colleagues through networking with other SCAGPO members is extremely beneficial to the individual, as well as to the entity he or she serves.

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Can you believe November is almost here? 

Well, it is, and you know what that means? 

You are correct, it is time to elect your 2021 SCAGPO Board. 

The election will run from today, October 23rd. through Friday, November 10th. 

Please make sure you cast your vote prior to the deadline of November 10th.

Voting is easy, first, you need to log in to the Member Area of the Website, then you can access the ballot by either clicking on the Vote button on the front page of the website, or you can view the Buyways Newsletter and Vote there.

If you are unsure of unfamiliar with the Candidates, take a few minutes to get to know them by reading their messages in the Buyways.



Below is a list of resources to help you with your daily response to COVID-19 concerns.  If you have a resource to be shared, please send to the Information and Publicity team by e-mail.



Upcoming Events


March 2020

President's Message



And a great time for us to celebrate the value that we contribute to our respective organizations.  We have several observances planned for you:

I Will Celebrate You: I am offering to send a letter to the leadership at your entity encouraging them to acknowledge Public Procurement Month.  If you would like for me to do so, please let me know by COMPLETING THE REQUEST FORM on our website. Follow the link for more information.

I Love Procurement Because: The Forum Committee is asking that you please tell the world why you love procurement in this month's social media campaign. COMPLETE THE FORM expressing your admiration for our great profession, take a picture with it and place it on your Facebook or Linked-In page, tagging SCAGPO and be entered to win a Pre-Forum Prize Package including a golf, registration, bowling registration and 1 night's stay at the Forum.

Governor's Proclamation: Governor McMaster has declared March as Procurement Month.  We have placed a copy for you online.  Please print and/or share with others at your entity.


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